General Orthopaedics

  • Orthopaedic/neurological examination
  • Digital radiography/fluoroscopy/ultrasound
  • Treatment of sports injuries, accidents and fractures
  • Minimal invasive treatment of spinal pain syndromes
  • Shoulder pain syndromes
  • Children’s orthopaedics
  • Special treatment of arthritis and cartilage lesions
  • Stemm Cell Therapy


In my practice I offer the complete orthopedic and neurological examination. Digital x-ray, fluoroscopy and ultrasound help to get further diagnostic information. The orthopaedic treatment options include physical therapy, plaster cast therapy, splints and insoles, and in cooperation podiatry and physiotherapy. In cross-disciplinary problems, there is a short way to other medical physicians of our center.


Minimally invasive back pain treatment

As a unique method in the Balearics I perform an X-ray guided injection therapy of acute and chronic back pain syndromes. The structures of the spine that usually cause the pain, the so-called facet joints, can easily be identified under floroscopic control and treated with anti-inflammatory substances. These injections can therby be applied with great accuracy. This well established procedure in spine centers is equally valuable for intervertebral disc diseases (herniated discs), arthritis of the spine and spinal canal stenosis and usually results in a long-lasting pain relief.



The treatment of osteoarthritis is a great challenge for the patient and the treating physician. It is proved that arthritis can not be cured and, in most cases, leads to pain and dysfunction. The treatment is thus aimed at relieving the symptoms and preventing further joint damage caused by the progression of joint degeneration. Hereby, hyaluronic acid has been proved a very valuable drug. Hyaluronic acid is usually administered as a series of 5 injections directly into in the joint and serves as a cartilage protector and anti-inflammatory agens. Many patients benefit from a long-lasting pain reduction and increase of mobility.


Pediatric Orthopaedics

The treatment of orthopedic pathologies in children is one of my specialities. Disorders of the foot (i.e. flat feet) or leg deformities (knock-knees or bow legs) are among the most common problems. And, of course, problems of the spine, such as the KISS-syndrome in infants or scoliosis in older children. In addition I offer a sonografical hip check-up for newborns for the exclusion of a hip dysplasia.


Atlas realignment

is a method of correcting the position of the first cervical vertebra. The misalignment of the Atlas vertebra can be associated with various symptoms such as neck pain, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, shoulder pain and back pain.


In collaboration with podiatrist Andrea Lammers Knobel